Employer FAQs

How do we choose candidates?

Each candidate has a preliminary face-to-face meeting with the BOSS staff where we can further assess his or her fit for each position.

Do we do background checks or drug testing?

We do both background checks and drug testing upon request.

Are there any guarantees?

For direct hire openings we have a 90 day replacement guarantee and for our temp to hire positions we have an 8 hour guarantee.

Candidate FAQs

Are there any fees for candidates using our services?

Our services are always 100% free for candidates.

Are there repercussions for turning down job offers?

Are there repercussions for turning down job offers?

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

The staff at BOSS is always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you, so never hesitate to give us a call.

  1.  Poor personality and manner — lack of poise, poor presentation of self, lack of self confidence, timid, hesitant approach, arrogance, conceit.
  2. Poor job record for no reason. “Job hopping” excessively. No career direction.
  3.  Poor personal appearance and careless dress.
  4.  Lack of enthusiasm and interest, no evidence of initiative.
  5. Lack of goals and ambition; does not know his interest; uncertainty and indeci¬sion.
  6. Unrealistic salary demands; more interest in salary than opportunity; unrealis¬tic about promo¬tion to top jobs.
  7. Lack of maturity, no leadership potential.
  8. Lack of preparation for the interview — failure to get information about the company and there¬fore unable to ask intelligent questions.
  9. Lack of interest in the company and the type of job offered.
  10. Excessive interest in security and benefits. “What can you do for me?” attitude.
  11. Poor scholastic record without reasonable explanation for low grades or lack of completion.

Remember, your interview should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your inter-viewer — an op¬por¬tunity for each of you to learn something about each other, and to benefit from the experience. Relax and enjoy yourself!